We buy your unrecovered debt - Debtbuyers.ca

Sell your debt to Debtbuyers.ca rather than writing off bad debts.


We had a judgment and the debtor had vanished; we'd thought we'd never see a dollar. Debt buyers bought the judgment bringing closure and satisfaction.'

-Home Centre principal-

Not a Collection Agency, nor Debt Collector - We Buy Debt!

Rather than writing off bad debts or paying hundreds or thousands to a lawyer or paralegal with no chance of collection, sell your debt! Selling a debt has some real benefits. The anxiety and uncertainty are over. You no longer have to keep it on the books as uncollectable. You don't have to deal with the debtor. You pocket more $ than your efforts would have yielded. You spend your time doing what you do best, earning you more $ than the frustration of trying to collect a debt.

Collection agencies are not effective for 'professional debtors'.

We buy judgments anywhere in Ontario and debts in southern and eastern Ontario.